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Rope Rescue Technician Training Center, Outdoor community center, and Agriculture center

Rope Rescue Technician Training Center by professional

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About Rescue Park Thailand

Rescue Park Thailand, we are the Rope Rescue Technician Training Center and we are run by an Emergency Medical Technician and Ambulance Technician.

Besides that, we have an Outdoor community center which everyone in the local community can join.

Finally, we have an agriculture center where we share and exchange knowledge with the local community.

We work closely to the local community so we can grow strongly together.

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What we do

Rope Rescue Technician Training Center

We provide the necessary equipment for rescue training. The trainers are experts on what they do. With 15 years of experience, you will gain confidence that you will be ready after training.

Outdoor community center

We provide the outdoor activity area for the community. The local community can join as well as the whole family. The kid's playground is one of the favorite areas for the kids.

Agriculture center

With our agriculture center, the community can share and exchange knowledge. We can learn and grow together.

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